A Revolution in Action Photography! 

Six position collapsible rifle stock
Highly configurable modular system
Trigger works just like the camera's shutter button
Also available for spotting scopes     

Absolutely the most versatile and easy to use vehicle support!

V2 is now here! 
Improved slider rail for using heavy setups from the vehicle
Allows for easy panning and quick repositioning
Sealed ball bearing tricycle roller
Rated for 100lbs
Patent Pending 

** V1 has been recalled due to a potential for the swivel to fail. If you have (or know someone who has) a V1 WindowRail please contact us for a FREE upgrade.

Pocket size support for heavy setups!

Compact and lightweight camera support
Rated for 150lbs


 Attach any strap to anything! 

Attach a camera strap to the SharpShooter MonoRail or other Arca plate
Quickly removes to allow use of tripod, monopod, or other mount
Available with BlackRapid/OpTech type mount or CarrySpeed pin
Available plain, with hand strap, or with heavy duty safety lanyard
(the adjustable safety lanyard is also available separately) 

Mount heavy equipment anywhere!

Mount almost anything, almost anywhere
Large grip range
Rated for up to 440lbs
Patent Pending



The Carbon Clean (TM) microfiber cloth is the absolute best choice in a cleaning cloth for fine optics! 

Made from pure activated carbon! 
Fabric is woven from pure activated carbon and bonded to a second microfiber type cleaning cloth
Activated carbon literally pulls organic contaminates from the surface and locks it into the fabric
No need to reactivate with a "carbon reservoir,"  no reservoir to run out
Guaranteed not to scratch
Patent Pending


Simple, Secure, and Comfortable! 

One piece leather design
No stitching or rivets to fail
Made to order custom lengths
Built in camera protection keeps 1/2" eyelets off of the camera
Shoulder straps, sling straps, wrist straps, and lanyards