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SharpShooter Camera Stock

Turns your camera and lens into a hand held "rifle".

Increases speed and acuracy.

Attachable to any Arca Swiss compatible plate.

Attaches and removes instantly.

Six position adjustable for length.

Adjustable for camera offset angle.

Reversible for right or left handed use.

Can be attached anywhere along MonoRail.

Trigger functions identical to camera shutter.

Storage for remote release cable in the pistol grip.

Requires camera specific adapter cable.

11" long collapsed, 15" extended. 1.5lbs



view images of the various ways the SharpShooter Camera Stock can be utilized

How to set up your camera stock

Options for attaching a camera strap


SharpShooter Scope Mount

Due to popular request. No switches/wiring. Can be made with a Manfrotto compatible clamp.