What do I need?

It's a common question. Unfortunately there is no simple answer. Because the SharpShooter CameraMount System is modular and designed to be adapted to your personal preferences, we can't say what you will prefer. But we'll give some general guidelines.

At a minimum: you need a Camera Stock and a cable for your camera model. The stock can then be mounted to any Arca plate you already may own. See Mounting a Stock

MonoRail length: As a general guideline you want a MonoRail that extends from the front of the lens foot to the front of the camera body. This would be the minimum length. A longer MonoRail will give added versatility by increasing the setup/adjustment range available. It will also provide additional area for attaching accessories such as a strap mount or palm rest or for mounting the system on a tripod/monopod.

How to Carry: You will need to decide on how you want to carry the system, what kind of strap you want to use and how you want to mount the strap. It is NOT recommended to carry heavy setups by a strap attached to the stock. 

A strap mount hardpoint is a good "permanent" solution as it supports the system by the rail/lens foot. But it can get in the way due to it's fixed placement.

Our preference is to use a StrapClamp with safety lanyard for the greatest flexibility in use.

See Attaching a Strap

Additional Accessories: There isn't anything else you would *need,* but there are many accessories you might wish to add. Such as a palm rest for additional comfort, a picatinny adapter to mount a bipod or similar, or maybe a red dot sight.