The Carbon Clean (TM) microfiber cloth is the absolute best choice in a cleaning cloth for fine optics! 

Made from pure activated carbon! 
Fabric is woven from pure activated carbon and bonded to a second microfiber type cleaning cloth
Activated carbon literally pulls organic contaminates from the surface and locks it into the fabric
No need to reactivate with a "carbon reservoir,"  no reservoir to run out
Guaranteed not to scratch
Patent Pending


The Carbon Clean microfiber cloth is actually two microfiber cloths in one. The side with the printing is a standard microfiber cloth. Bonded to this is a second microfiber cloth made from pure activated carbon.

The Carbon Clean microfiber cloth acts completely different than any other cleaning cloth.
It literally pulls contaminates from the surface being cleaned! It does this by a process called adsorption. Adsorption is molecular force similar to gravity caused by London Dispersion Forces and results in the contaminates being literally bonded into the Carbon Clean microfiber cloth.

Once the contaminant is pulled into the cloth it is then further pulled into the micro pores of the carbon. The only way to get the contaminates back out of the material is to burn it at a very high heat!

Activated carbon has the strongest physical adsorption forces, and the highest volume of adsorbing porosity, of any material known to mankind. Due to the way the Carbon Clean microfiber cloth is made each 4.5in x 6.5in cloth has an available surface area equal to approximately two football fields!

And adsorption is most effective on organic compounds like body oils from face and hands, exactly the type of contaminates you want to remove! No additional cleaning solvents are needed.

The Carbon Clean microfiber cloth also has very high internal electrostatic forces which serve to neutralize any static electric charge on the surface being cleaned!

The Carbon Clean microfiber cloth is guaranteed not to scratch fine optics or their coatings.

4 x 6 CarbonClean microfiber cloth with plastic storage case: $8.99