A Revolution in Action Photography! 

Six position collapsible rifle stock
Highly configurable modular system
Trigger works just like the camera's shutter button
Also available for spotting scopes     

Now available in Dark Earth (shown) or Black!

Being a bird, wildlife and sport enthusiast means using big and heavy lenses. That used to mean using big and heavy support and special "long lens techniques". Over time heavy lenses cause play to develop in the camera lens mount. Tripod collars never seemed to lock solidly enough which resulted in critical focus issues. Handholding a heavy lens was almost impossible as well. This often meant many shots missed while trying to "set up". There are other solutions for hand holding available, but they only address one issue. And when utilized they are not much more stable than using nothing at all. 

Five years ago we began development of the SharpShooter Camera Mount to solve all of these problems. With the Sharp Shooter Camera Mount your camera and lens effectively handles like a proper rifle for quick and accurate response to rapidly changing photo opportunities. Most users can easily hand hold a 500mm f/4 lens (3kg, 6.6lbs) for extended periods, some can even hand hold 600mm f/4 and 800mm f/5.6 (6kg, 12.5lb) lenses with stability for short periods.

But you don't have to hand hold with the SharpShooter system! Simply mount it to any existing tripod, monopod, or other arca compatible suport. When you want to use it hand held you just unclamp it and you are ready to go! When used with a tripod it's no longer a tripod. By securely making you a part of the SharpShooter system it becomes a pentapod support! It's as stable and accurate as any system used by a marksman making precision 1000yd shots! The many benefits of the SharpShooter system include:

Turns your camera and lens into a hand held "rifle".
Increases speed and acuracy.
Attachable to any Arca Swiss compatible plate.
Attaches and removes instantly. 
Six position adjustable for length. 
3.25" Arca Swiss Clamp.
Adjustable for camera offset angle.




The SharpShooter Scope Mount: Due to popular request. No switches/wiring. Can be made with a Manfrotto compatible clamp. $159