Mounts to both the lens and Camera Body.**

Protects camera lens mount from wear and damage by eliminating strain at junction points. 

Camera body remains easily removable. *

Unique mounting screw channel allows mounting screws to be repositioned with other screws still tightened.

Accepts almost any Arca compatible accessory (e.g. flash bracket).

Can be mounted into any Arca compatible clamp/ballhead/gimbal. 

Arca compatible along the entire length to allow positioning for balance and fit.

Custom Fabricated to fit your lens-camera combination.**

Increased strength and rigidity compared to other arca rails.

When used with the Sharp Shooter Camera Stock it turns the entire system into a ridgid "rifle" type system.

Available stepped or straight. Standard straight sizes are available in stock.

Includes two mounting screws and two stop screws.

(12" straight rail and 19" stepped rail pictured) 

Standard Straight MonoRail: $80.00-$140


6" MonoRail- $80

8" MonoRail- $85

10" MonoRail- $100

 12" MonoRail- $120

 14"- $140

* Straight MonoRail or Stepped MonoRail when used with lens that has rotating tripod collar
** w/ custom ordered Stepped MonoRail (8-10 weeks)