Absolutely the most versatile and easy to use vehicle support!

V2 is now here! 
Improved slider rail for using heavy setups from the vehicle
Allows for easy panning and quick repositioning
Sealed ball bearing tricycle roller
Rated for 100lbs
Patent Pending 

If you've ever done much wildlife photography you know how useful working from inside a vehicle can be. The vehicle functions as a mobile blind which animals tend to ignore; and it can provide vital protection on a safari. But you also probably know the headaches of using conventional vehicle camera mounts.

If you have ever tried using a tripod head, bean bag, or other traditional vehicle support then you know how hard it is to stay behind the camera when repositioning or panning. Many shots are missed due these issues when using a traditional support, but not with the WindowRail!

The SharpShooter WindowRail is a radically new way of supporting long lenses in a vehicle. The WindowRail provides support for long lenses and heavy setups while providing unmatched flexibility. It allows for easy panning, rapid repositioning, and a much wider range of mobility and functionality than any other vehicle support.

*Track and roller are rated to 200lbs
*Load tested to 150lbs
*Conservatively rated for 100lbs working load (to include shock loads)
*Tricycle roller has heavy duty sealed roller bearings
*Black anodized finish
*Height and leveling adjustable within the window opening
*Quickly attaches via QR clips. Retains the previuos height adjustments
*Incorporates a swivel head with variable tension between the roller and Arca clamp
*New swivel head incorporates additional safeties and larger tensioning knob
*New swivel head can be "parked" to the rail independently of the swivel function (keeps roller/camera in place while repositioning vehicle)
*Incorporates built in adjustable stops. The roller is completely captive within the rail
*Incorporates Arca Swiss compatible QR clamp
*Straps have attached velcro for securing excess out of the way
**requires vehicle with upper window frame

17" Sharp Shooter WIndowRail: $149.99