Attach any strap to anything! 

Attach a camera strap to the SharpShooter MonoRail or other Arca plate
Quickly removes to allow use of tripod, monopod, or other mount
Available with BlackRapid/OpTech type mount or CarrySpeed pin
Available plain, with hand strap, or with heavy duty safety lanyard
(the adjustable safety lanyard is also available separately) 

2" Arca Swiss clamp with three machined strap loops for accessory straps and bonded 1/4-20 strap mount. Can be purchased with a hand strap or safety lanyard for added security. 


Strap Clamp with loop connector: For most "rapid strap" brands and straps that connect by clip or loop; BlackRapid, OpTech, etc. $40
With hand strap: $45
With adjustable safety lanyard: $60 

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Strap Clamp with Carry Speed/Spider pin: For use with Carry Speed straps and Spider holsters. $45
With Hand Strap: $50
With adjustable safety lanyard: $65

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Adjustable Safety Lanyard: 1/2" webbing bar stitched for strength. The safety lanyard is adjustable from ~ 5"-16" and has a stainless steel hook conservatively rated for 25lbs working load. $20